Pilates off the Mat

I love rolling out my Mat and working out. I love getting clearer, stronger and more proficient at Pilates exercises. I love my practice. 

BUT, let’s get real.

The real reason we all do this Pilates thing is to be able to roll UP our Mat and go move out in the world with more strength, flexibility and confidence. 

This month’s Mini Workouts and Livestream Classes are all about preparing and training to do the things we love to do off the Mat: Walking, Hiking, Biking…even Paddle Boarding! And also how to recover well from all those outdoor activities. 

The more we move the faster we get stronger and the longer lasting our results are. Check out my EVERGREEN MEMBERSHIP for flexible access to workouts to keep you moving on the daily so you can enjoy those outdoor activities for years to come.

Grab those props and see you on the Mat!
(So we can move well OFF the Mat too! 😉)


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