Why Pilates?

Because it’s awesome! 
Not enough info? OK…
Pilates is unique in that it teaches the body flexibility, mobility and stability in a safe, supportive and methodical way. The six basic principles of the Pilates method are concentration, control, centering, flow, precision and breathing. All of these principles not only help us move more efficiently on our Mat or Pilates equipment, they help us better move through our lives.

Do you work with…?

Back Pain? 

Hip Pain?

Shoulder Pain? 

Pain. Just plain old pain.
Yup. (And I’m sorry you are in pain. Let’s see what we can do together about that.)

I’m pregnant.
Congrats! Let’s do Pilates!

I’m out of shape. 
There is no right shape. But Pilates can help change your shape if that’s what you want.

You get the point. I’ve worked with clients ranging in age from 12-85 with various conditions both acute and chronic. Before booking your session we have a consult chat just to make sure Pilates can indeed help and if not it’s my pleasure to get you to the right medical practitioner or care provider.

I’m recovering from injury. Is this like PT?

Pilates is not Physical Therapy. It is an exercise program that can sometimes resemble PT, but the scope of practice is different as Pilates instructors are not medical professionals. However, Pilates finds its way often into PT offices and often PTs will recommend Pilates after a course of physical therapy is concluded to help maintain strength, balance and flexibility.

I’m dealing with a chronic issue. Can Pilates help?

It depends. (I recognize that’s an annoying answer!) The reason it depends is chronic issues are often multifaceted and can have a physical component, a neurological component and an emotional component. The beauty of Pilates is that it not only trains the body, but also trains the mind. By engaging in a Pilates practice we feel more connected and ultimately have a better understanding of ourselves as a whole moving and breathing being.

I want a workout! Is Pilates just stretching?

Um…no. Pilates is challenging! You might feel smaller muscles work and at times do smaller movements than with a gym type workout, but Pilates workouts can be just as sweaty and shaky as hitting the gym.

What should I bring and wear?

Water, comfortable unrestrictive clothing and if you have long hair something to tie it back.

What can I expect from sessions?

To breathe, move, learn about your body and all the crazy amazing things it can do…and laugh!

When will I see and feel results?

It depends on your goals. (Ugh! I know! That “it depends” thing again!) Pilates is a practice and like any other other practice it has hills and valleys. The one thing regardless of injuries, limitations or fitness goals is consistency in your practice to see and feel results. Which leads us to the next question…

How often should I practice?

3-4 times per week is good. Moving everyday is great!  

What if I need more help to reach my goals?

I have a referral network of practitioners that I work with to help clients get the help they need. Often a massage, a little acupuncture or a few sessions of PT can get us to your goals that much faster.

Why is Pilates with Root & Limb different?

It is my goal to give you more than a workout or a series of home program exercises. My goal is to help you better understand the truly fabulous and amazing body you have and all it can do moving through life.