Equipment or no equipment?

What’s better? What makes you stronger? What’s more supportive? What works the best?


We can dive into the mechanical reasons why mat work and equipment are great in their own rights, but the real reason both are so important is access. The more we embrace what we have access to, the more we MOVE! More moving = happier body.

As most of us don’t have daily access to those rather large pieces of wood and metal with springs, straps and pedals…is it possible to create the resistance and support of equipment work on the Mat?

You bet there is.

This month’s Mini Workouts and Livestream Classes are all about re-creating the equipment work on the Mat. Using weights, resistance bands, blocks and even that wall over there, we can turn that plain old Mat into a versatile, supportive and super challenging piece of equipment. 

Grab those props and see you on the Mat! 


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