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The Evergreen Membership offers all the flexibility of online, on-demand classes with the same expertise, support, and personalization you would find in my private Pilates studio.  My goal is to help you build a consistent and confident daily movement practice so you can reach your movement goals faster and move well longer. As a member, you get access to Livestream classes, an ever-growing video library, special virtual events and access to live personal support to get the best results from your home workouts.

Why Virtual Membership?

With the Evergreen Membership you have the flexibility to move everyday on your own terms. A daily movement practice is life changing and will help you reach your movement goals faster with longer lasting results. As an Evergreen Member you get so much more than carefully curated workouts and expertly designed livestream classes. You get to learn about how you can move YOUR best. It is my mission as a teacher to help you move with strength, flexibility, and most of all confidence!

Short on time? Last minute schedule changes? I hear you!

With classes ranging from 5 to 55 minutes and an ever-expanding video library of Mini and Full Workouts, Tutorials, and access to all Livestream Class Recordings, the Evergreen Membership supports your movement practice no matter how much or how little time you have to move. 

Looking for more personal support in a Virtual Membership?

My exclusive Virtual Movement Consult service is for members only and gives you the personal and tailored support to make the most of your movement practice, getting you to your goals faster and with more self assurance. Consults can be focused on a specific movement issue or concern, strategies to help you navigate injury and recovery or help building the perfect home program utilizing the video library. 

Consults include a session recording and an email follow-up with your personalized recommendations.

*Consults are by appointment only and are an additional fee*

The Evergreen Membership Promise:

My promise is to equip you with the tools to move your best in your life while giving you flexible access to intelligent, fun and challenging workouts all at the same time.

Included in Your Membership

  • Weekly Livestream Mat Class
  • Access to all Livestream Mat Class recordings
  • A curated workout Program Playlist every month
  • An ever-expanding video library of Full Workouts, Tutorials, and Mini Workouts exclusively for members
  • Virtual Community Events including special movement workshops and guest teachers
  • Access to Virtual Movement Consultations to help you find success in your movement practice

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Monthly Membership

$45 per month 
*auto billed monthly*

Typically Livestream classes alone are $15-$20 per class! With the Evergreen Membership, you are making a commitment to move well every week on your terms for less than the cost of one regular class per week.

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Evergreen Membership FAQ

Yes! Not only are virtual classes just as effective as in-person classes, but Evergreen members move more often as they are not limited to the scheduling restrictions of in-person classes. Taking classes virtually gives you a better opportunity to learn what works best for your body as you can truly go at your own pace. Moving more in ways that work for your unique needs means your goals are reached faster and results are longer lasting. 

There is so much fitness content out there right?!? The Evergreen Membership is different because each workout gives a great full-bodied movement experience while teaching you HOW your body works. With over 20 years of movement teaching experience and intensive anatomical and biochemical study, I will help you understand your body, your issues, and your unique movement needs. You can trust that not only will your workouts be effective, but safe and expertly crafted. Plus you get access to personal support via email and the member’s only virtual consult service. 

Classes are in the video gallery with the most recent videos at the top. To search for your perfect workout use the filters and the classes that match will automatically appear below.

No! Livestream classes are uploaded 24-48 hours after class so you have a new class each week to do whenever works for you! And, you can repeat your favorite livestream classes again and again.

A few simple, small, and affordable props are all you need to get the most out of the classes. Click here for a list of recommended props.

Absolutely! The best part about working out at home is you have full control over your experience. You can go at your own pace, repeat workouts that support and challenge you, and most importantly cultivate a daily movement practice where you will learn what works best for your body and goals.

Yes! Click here for more information about virtual movement consults which include custom programming using the video library.

There are no refunds, extensions, or prorations of the monthly membership fee. You may cancel anytime by logging into your member’s area.

If your health circumstances change and you feel you will not be able to use your membership for a certain amount of time, you may cancel your membership and re-sign up at any time.

You may cancel by logging in to your membership page and navigating to the “my account” link.

Yes! The greatest compliment a teacher can get is a referral! Using your custom affiliate referral link you can also receive pilates gear, gift cards, and special discounts on other services. Email [email protected] for more information!

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$45 per month 
*auto billed monthly*