High Intensity, Low Impact

I LOVE summer. I know not everyone shares my love of heat, but it does have its benefits when it comes to moving well. Sweat, sunshine and some intensity to those workouts…yes please!

Now I love working hard but I don’t love wrecking my body in the process.

So let’s clarify one thing:
High Intensity workouts don’t have to wreck your body.

After decades of dancing and resulting injuries, my joints need a little TLC when I’m doing those sweaty hard workouts. 

Although the impact of HIIT style workouts don’t serve some of us, the benefits of high intensity interval workouts are vast: Heart health, lung health, endurance, brain challenge…

So, can we get the benefits of high intensity without the crazy impact on our joints?


When we consider how to best prepare the body for exercise, warming up is KEY. It helps to safely increase flexibility, range of motion, blood flow, oxygen levels and can help lower the risk of injury while working out.

This month’s Mini Workouts and Livestream Classes are all about progressively building heat in the body, safely adding a bit of intensity and exploring ways to cool down after. 

Grab those props, maybe a cool drink, and see you on the Mat!



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