What’s Love Got To Do With It?

In the movement world, we often talk about consistency, habit building, time management, and yes, sometimes even sacrifice to get results from your exercise program.

But what about love?


Yes, love.

I’m talking about more than just loving running, Pilates, Yoga, or lifting weights. (Although liking your chosen workout modality is super important! You are far less likely to stick to an activity or program you loathe. 😉) 

I’m talking about looking at your movement practice as a way to love yourself better. To treat it with kindness. To build a more compassionate relationship with your body.

Especially in those moments when we feel like our body is not cooperating or not progressing fast enough, I think it’s helpful to take a moment and (as cheesy as it sounds) say, “Hey, body. You are doing the best you can. I love you.” 

This month’s classes in the Evergreen Membership are designed to show your body some love and nurture it for long-term mobility and health.

See you on the Mat!

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