Start The New Year STRONG!

Happy New Year!!!!

As we are all getting back in the swing of things I’ll keep this really short and sweet.

This month’s theme is STRENGTH. 

The research is clear that strength training is a must not only for helping our muscles and bones but also for cognition, longevity, and mental health. 

I wanted to do more than simply say, “Pick up some weights, and let’s get pumping!” so I invited Physical Therapist and expert in all things strength Jeff Wu of Strength Athlete Rehab to do a very special lecture on strength training. 

Personally, Jeff is my PT and has helped me not only navigate acute and chronic injuries but also become stronger through strength-based rehab.

There’s sometimes a belief in the Pilates world that other forms of exercise are bad. That they are not as safe or effective. I believe that incorporating other forms of exercise and movement into our lives HELPS our Pilates practice. Just like having a balanced diet for optimal health, we want our movement diet to be varied and balanced.

To access the Strength Workshop and all the other fabulous offerings to get strong in 2024 click here for a 7-DAY FREE TRIAL of all the Evergreen Membership has to offer.

I’m so happy to help you move into the New Year with confidence, joy, and most of all strength. 

See you on the Mat!

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