Fundamentals: Basic Not Boring

Are movement basics and fundamentals just a box to check off?
Things to do a few times and then move on?
A little…boring?

Um. No!!!

While it’s great to have movement goals and work to achieve them, it’s also really wonderful (and really important) to check in with the foundational elements of your movement practice from time to time. Or all the time!

I love fancy moves and new challenges, but it’s in those explorations of the basics, the fundamentals, that I often end up learning the most about my movement and myself. And where I see progress and deeper understanding in client’s practices too.

This month I’m putting a pause on my Mini Workouts and focusing on quick and informative Tutorials. These short videos will cover the basic moves that we all see like 1,000 times in classes, but maybe have some questions about or would like to make more successful in our practice.

As I am gearing up to launch my Evergreen Membership these tutorials are the perfect guides to help you get the most out of your online classes and all those recorded workouts coming down the pike!

Let’s get basic. I promise it won’t be boring. 



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