Build a Strong Skeleton

May is Osteoporosis awareness month so what better time to get talking about bone health?

Even if you don’t have osteopenia or osteoporosis, considering the health and strength of your amazing structure that holds you up is a worthwhile endeavor. And building bone strength at any point in our lives can help combat things like “computer posture”, “tech neck” and even general joint pain.

In its original form (unfortunately) Mat Pilates is not that great for building bone density. Many of the movements and shapes in the original set of Mat exercises can actually harm areas of the body affected by bone density issues, most commonly the upper back and neck.

So! What do we do when we want to keep up our Pilates practice and work on our bone health?

Three main things:

  1. Add load
  2. Get upright against gravity
  3. Work that upper back

This month we will get creative by adding more weight-bearing and upright movements, and specific bone-building exercises to build a super strong and resilient skeleton.

See you on the Mat!

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